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  We have learnt that a  mutual conspiracy of silence exists, above is  a graphic version of just one incidence  where we suggest “Don’t tell anyone”. I am representing here what transpires. I am tempted to tell you what to do, but I trust … Continue reading

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Of Capriccios, Portkeys and Internet

More often than not I find my surroundings surreal. When I first came across ‘Magical Realism’, it was my research on narratives; little did I know I would accept its presence in the daily nuances of urban life. I know … Continue reading

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An eye for an eye

A brainstorming session with eyes opened :

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To Paint or not to Paint

(The color wheel prepared for an assignment)  “I could never draw. Even if I make a sketch now, a kid would make a much better sketch you know.” A gentleman who sat next to me in the bus confessed, when I … Continue reading

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Children are Watching…

                                        (Photograph: Poornima Sardana) Just like the “common man” illudes us into believing that they are people sans identity so does “children”. We begin to fit them in roles carved out by the myths we dwell in. They could be … Continue reading

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The quest between the I and the Accep/expec-ted

We face a constant dilemma: Is it about me or should I think like WE ought to? The haunting uncertainty that many of us deal with, is but, an obvious consequence. Most of us grew up watching our parents indulge … Continue reading

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Faith in hand

A bus journey for three hours in Northern India: A panorama of the most incredulous yet unsurprising juxtapositions through the moving window. Disney Bakery and Gautam Travels take great pride in being flanked by blue coloured houses (shrieking of a certain … Continue reading

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