To Paint or not to Paint

(The color wheel prepared for an assignment) 

“I could never draw. Even if I make a sketch now, a kid would make a much better sketch you know.”

A gentleman who sat next to me in the bus confessed, when I told him of my chosen path, design.

He had naively assumed that I must have the best of skills in visual representation and had raised me to the pedestal of admiration and regard that only people quite unlike me receive.

I grinned and added on to the stream of confessions, “I once got 40 out of 100 in Art in School and lied to my parents that it was out of 60. I had to practice much more before a drawing examination as compared to Maths throughout the year.”

I think he still isn’t out of shock, its been more than a fortnight though.

I was never the one with skills. I am what they call “butter fingers”.

I appreciate aesthetics; I admire brilliant works but don’t necessarily produce them. Not that I don’t wish to, I constantly work on improvement.

Does that mean I don’t have the right to express how I can until I achieve celestial excellence? Of course I do! The naive skills/expression that we are born with is the most intrinsic response we can produce. We all are artists/designers, in whichever way we choose to communicate. Howsoever we draw/paint/click/create, we have the ability to put our mind and soul in a representation through hands and fingers and eyes and feet and speech and words and whatever we choose, so what if it’s not trained?

In fact, not everyone perceives the complicated and high-end information as it’s supposed to be, at times the simplest and the most basic does the job.

And if you say that you draw like a child, or have never taken an abstract picture before (yes people say so), congratulations, you have been able to retain an untainted reflex that most of us have consciously wiped out of our systems.

My work with paints was never appreciated, and when it came to water colors, well the sheet never lasted. My intentions were noble but the execution still requires years of practice. I know one day I will! So this time when I felt like painting, I thought, Ok, no paper, let’s do something else. I picked up rotting pieces of sculpture and colors. Dipped my fingers and expressed. I cried, I laughed, I produced, and honestly it’s much better than all my previous works. I am still at it, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Yes I cannot hold the brush, but I can certainly apply the colors.

This is my request to one and all, you want to make something, please do. (That does not mean you need to forgo skills completely, please don’t misunderstand my humble note).Art, Design are within all of us, it’s just a matter of listening to that voice inside.


3 thoughts on “To Paint or not to Paint

  1. NICE!!!
    Agreeing with the views above, I would like to add up something wat I feel…. Training is necessary… in fact… to help improve d skill not to develop one… but it gotta b such dat it preserves and carves the creation N not in d way dat distorts d originality;
    And yeah, its true, try to “feel” what u r doing from within 😉

    1. Yes Gauraw I agree with you on the importance and necessity of training because it can empower people and generate employment/solutions …however a lack of formal training or an inability to confirm to accepted constructs must not be deterrent to any attempts 🙂

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