A comic take on Uncle Eric Berne’s ‘Transactional Analysis’

I had gone through Eric Berne’s ‘Transactional Analysis’  (http://www.ericberne.com/transactional_analysis_description.htm) for a certain Project, and realized that it would be much more convenient to understand or perceive if simplified or played with, at maybe an individual level. So I came up with a few audacious attempts, kindly excuse as just that: attempts. They are comic reactions of the three Egos to a certain situation. Adult Ego being the most pragmatic. However, here I have depicted them as acting individually just to characterize them, rather than showing them simultaneously, as it should have been otherwise. In order of drawing: Adult Ego, Parent Ego, Child Ego. (Experts in Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and so on,  please forgive 🙂 ) 

The Adult Ego, The Parent Ego, The Child Ego

Which Ego dominates? In order: Child, Parent and Adult

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