A father, a mother, a child, a school, …… ?

- poornima sardana


A father, a mother, a child, a school, but the plot differs. Two units, with two separate tales:

Unit 1

A rich couple they were, their luxurious life was being reflected in the richness of appetite. Their son had bright eyes and a cherubic face. I was fascinated by how innocent he looked. I asked him “Do you go to School?” He glared at me  and said “NO!”

I was taken aback. His mother said, “No! Wrong! Yes he goes to school, a very nice school.”

With an impish gleam  he said, “I will hit you with my guns…I’ll slap you!”

I shivered at the thought of where he must have picked it up. Is it television? Is it the neighbourhood? Is it home? Does he do the same at school?

Unit 2

The little boy eyed the sweets shyly while I spoke to his elder brother. His parents were greeting the others.

“Hey have it, you will like it” I said to the little one. He looked at his mother for approval, she smiled and said “Pick only one, its dinner time.”

He took it and ran.

The mother shared her  fears with us.”I am worried, he hasn’t received his letter for admission to the new school, I sat with him through the interview, it went excellent.”

“Did you ask the administration?” we were curious.

“They hinted at something…I don’t know why but they said they felt he was weak in performance…he gave every answer…” she was tearful.  Last year her friend had to pay a huge amount of money for her daughter’s admission to that school, this mother was worried.


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