From the terrace- Poetic juxtapositions in Meerut- part 1

I had thought I would reserve this one for a lazy day, when I could indulge in a selfish long cathartic post with images. I sure will follow-up in the next post with images but this one is on an  impulsive note.

From our building’s terrace you cannot see the sea’s horizon or mountains, but what you see is also incredible…

Every night when I’m on the top of the world , I am greeted with a refreshing breeze that whispers with its touch  to be meditative and observant…”Look around”…

So that’s precisely what I do, I look around.

Yesterday I was greeted with a poetic juxtaposition :

On the extreme left, was a wedding paraphernalia with colors, lights, fireworks and music.

Just where the procession ended, was a different scenario, belonging to another space and time. This was on the side of a busy road, where the soil glittered in the yellow street lamp like an endless desert and on it sat camels, yes camels. In fact they are there every other night. They sat quietly, still, unperturbed by the cars rushing by, as if they had seen enough of such excitement to be bothered by it. If someone would narrow the vision and focus only on them, one cannot imagine a busy show alongside.

On the extreme right, adjacent to the busy road, was the hospital, for some gloomy and for some hope, however I always feel that the time spent in hospital is like a hyper reality extracted from the usual timeline. If it results in death, then that is the ultimate infinite, hyper reality or not is unanswered…

My first impulse was : this is incredulous, so paradoxical, but as I stood there for a while, I thought, no, its real… Euphoria (marriage procession) – Stability and peace (Camels)- Timelessness or infinity (Hospital)…it was almost a life cycle depicted out there, wasn’t it?


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