Understanding of Non Sequiter Panels through Juxtapositions in Meerut, Hyderabad, Delhi

Calm, Rush, Infinite- Poornima Sardana


Meerut Juxtaposition- Poornima Sardana


Meerut- Poornima Sardana


Meerut- Poornima Sardana


Meerut- Poornima Sardana


Hyderabad- Poornima Sardana


Band Baaja Metro - Poornima Sardana


Delhi Metro- Poornima Sardana


These juxtapositions if considered as different panels inside every photograph, reminded me of the explanation of Panels, Closures, Gutter space and Sequence by Scott McCloud in his book “Understanding Comics -The Invisible Art” by categorizing the kinds of sequences in panels and the role of gutter space in those transitions. One of the categories was “Non-Sequitor” wherein he writes: “The last category suggests an interesting question. Is it possible for any sequence of panels to be totally unrelated to each other? Personally I don’t think so. No matter how dissimilar one image may be to another, there is a kind of Alchemy at work in the space between panels which can help us find meaning or resonance in even the most jarring of combinations. Such transitions may  not make ‘sense’ in any traditional way, but still a relationship of some sort will inevitably develop…By creating a sequence with two or more images we are endowing them with a single overriding identity, and forcing the viewer to consider them as a whole. However different they had been, they now belong to a single organism.”

A beautiful example of its existence in real life:



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