Sequence in Indian Soap Operas

An analysis of sequence in Indian Soap Operas:

It is a combination of shift not just from Moment to Moment but also Subject to Subject.

Within one frame, the camera may span across it as well as beyond the expected boundaries of the frame, almost addding a supernatural element to it. Its as if the gutter space that is usually left for readers’ imagination in comics, is utilized here for incredulous oops incredible interventions in the ongoing drama of every frame.

Some examples:

Frame 1 as Scene 1 and many more- poornima sardana

Frame 2, which could be scene5 or even scene 10, depending upon the no. of times camera spans across frame 1


Frame 3- poornima sardana


About poornimasardana

Travel and Observations acquaint me with the Existent Pluralities around us and I wish to share those. I indulge in narratives (illustrations, words and pictures), it being my most cherished pursuit.
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2 Responses to Sequence in Indian Soap Operas

  1. rahul says:

    would love to see more of such

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