System Change and a little more

No system exists in isolation, it is a complex interconnectedness, one which is so deep-rooted and minutely as well as contextually branched out that it’s almost improbable that one sees it as it is.

When we speak of change, what exactly is the change we envision? Are we able to have such detailed farsightedness that justifies the reality of the intertwined systems? Generally No.

One particular aspect ignites a particular thought which is seconded by a certain percentage and they then profess the desire to bring change in alignment with their newly founded community’s core values and beliefs. As if they are no more a part of the world where thought b and c and so on live in co-existence and but naturally influence and in fact give shape to a itself.

There is no in and out, with or without. Whether we are self-centred or too eager to “save” the world, each one of us is living in it and affecting its course, what makes us different is our levels of awareness and understanding of what our actions are leading to.

Today, in the age of social media and repressed emotions steaming out, we need to be careful, Careful of what we demand, how we demand, why we demand. It’s easy to feel angry and jump into movements, but its wiser to strive for a better understanding, because that will last longer.

I do not know what to comment on change…what is change? Is it evolution? Is it striving to be different?  My aim is not to justify what it currently is, but the point is how would one see a desired result in a certain system if they leave the system? That is indeed superficial because one doesn’t really ever leave a system. That is a mythical state. Is it really necessary to complicate things? its more important to simplify what there already is than to pile on one mess after another, one unsuccessful, ill-informed and frustrating spark after another.


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