Them and Us

For they are not us ,

Those who do not look like us;

Yes them, the ones who do not talk that sounds as us,

The ones who wear what cannot dare to touch me and you for you and I, at the same places we go to buy;

What worth is it that does not belong to a name that is known?

Why should we use colors that are used by them, why not spend on something different, unique, maybe consult a guide by Pantone?

They don’t breathe as we do, for we need the special air that is stale,

You and I, we do not walk, at Windows we stare,

They express while we bank on emoticons,

I’ll ping and poke when you are far, when next to me, I shall be busy on blogathons, 

Oh! They are so not like us, look at you and I,

Popping pills and sweating on tread mills, speaking the language Internationale, we, the glorious ones, are speeding by;

They cannot match our pace you see, how backward and crass!

Its so lowly and  human to sweat, to wear no shoes, to sleep on grass, tsk!

You and I are made of the costliest plastic, sheen and aroma, forbidden for the rest,

Moulded in Factories, You and I…

slaves of our own making, You and I…

Unlike them, of course we are the best…sigh!  

Aasman mein behti macchlian udayein bulbule, suraj mein chamchamte, sunhare bulbule

Par usse kya dekhna jo ho khule aasmaan ka mehmaan?

maza to tab aye jab bana sake use koi Flash mein ;

Parindon ki udaan ka kya jab dekhein baadal hum aeroplane se,

Hum un jaise nahin, jo hon vastvik…


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