To listen to music is to open the senses to a reality beyond the tangible.

It is to locate the I in the mysteries of existence. It is the celebration of sound, of life’s wonders that though man is blessed with, are not his sole creation.

Music can connect without homogenizing , music can reach without travel and music can remind without being visual.

The headphone is a transition into a parallel existence, it is being able to look through that which is visible, from eyes that respond to aural stimuli.

Music plays with nostalgia and teases when with words.

Music reinforces aesthetics and when experimented with music gives the courage to be free and enables one to feel the thrill of life.

Music is trust and music is collaboration. Music can soothe and music can disturb.

Music is in the breeze at the bridge and the waves on the beach. Music is in the chants of the Lamas and in the purring of the cats. Music is in the offset press and music is in the falling utensils at Cafe Coffee Day.

To sing is to speak from the heart, to create music is to make love.

Music shall save us always.






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