Mornings, Myths and Poppins

To wake up late has been the most frequently occurring and unfortunate event in my life. To wake up late is like having missed a train to home or perhaps having lost your wallet during travel. It makes me feel vulnerable and slightly out of control. It causes me to stumble, rush and eventually forget what was to be remembered.

A little insight: Hair Damage control is indeed an irregular fad in the myths of this universe. It just doesn’t work.

And so a day when you got up late and the damage control seemed to be all in vain, you feel the shower would cheer you up.

Now let me bestow upon myself the honour of introducing our shower. Years of experience and dealing with limited amount of water has accustomed this experienced one to offer scanted droplets but to spread them in the widest area possible. As a result though you hardly feel the water on your self, the floor underneath and the walls around confirm to the contrary.

So as I pretended to be drenched and happened to look around, I witnessed the dreadful sight of my hung trousers and t-shirt dripping away to glory.

Nevertheless one should overcome such mishaps and move on. And thats precisely what I did. A breakfast that was cold and tea that was burnt, followed by collection of a medical report which I eventually lost and I am only midway through (the day).

Though some days are just not what they should have been, some things are just as they should be, like Poppins. Colourful, sweet and sour, these sugar boiled candies are one of the most gratifying and cheapest sources of joy. If yellow doesn’t cheer you up, there is red, and Oh did I mention orange, purple and green?


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