Lazy art thou?

I respect Laziness, I feel it makes life simpler and more beautiful.

If you don’t feel so, trust me you are lying to your own self.

Laziness brings about a certain charm to all that is otherwise ordinary and mundane. It adds your own pace to that which is unnecessarily predefined.

How lovely it is to slow down and be observant of every breath, of heavy eyelids and relaxing muscles. (Observant is not equivalent to being agile) How very objective it is to be able to watch others run while you live the day in all its grandeur.

Oh I certainly adore Laziness, for it embraces you as its own, with no intention to mould or reprimand.

Laziness lets you be, it encourages you to stick to what you believe in (which is of course laziness) and enables you to be a strong individual. It also develops a spirit of inquiry as to the relevance and need of performing a certain task or any task for that matter. Laziness gets you thinking, as you search for easier alternatives to almost every doing.

At times I feel that Laziness is also an art. Not everyone can be perfectly Lazy you see. Most of us are gauche at it, it takes years of a meditative approach towards Laziness to master it in all its delicacy and hedonism. Nevertheless one must not give up and keep at it, unless you feel too lazy to do even that.



A man lazying in the park- Poornima Sardana (Ahmedabad)




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