What if God was one of us

Haste on wheels, alacrity with spurts of shocks and shrieks,

Feet that halt and accelerate, ceaseless search for an occurrence of space,

Bumps and Scratches, anger dispatches

Dust in the eyes, exasperated breath,

To travel on these roads, needs courage…

And amidst the paranoia was none other than God Himself!

Image- Poornima Sardana

Image- Poornima Sardana

Image- Poornima Sardana

Image- Poornima Sardana

In a world where chasing time seems to matter more than life itself, where the most basic instinct of hunting (for space) is at its peek, God had little option but to slide from one side to another, as the vehicle carrying Him  fought its way through the blinding smut,  carving a labyrinthine path in the man made disarray.

That effigy of God symbolized what each one us must have fought with in our daily struggles, a state of  helplessness, an event wherein you surrender. For those strangling moments on that rugged path, it did become one of us.


About poornimasardana

Travel and Observations acquaint me with the Existent Pluralities around us and I wish to share those. I indulge in narratives (illustrations, words and pictures), it being my most cherished pursuit.
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