Enabling Access to Persons With Disability

Thanks to Diana Joseph, Director at Fourth Wave Foundation, I had the opportunity to attend the Conference on “Enabling Access for Persons with Disabilities to Higher Education and Workplace- Role of ICT and Assistive Technologies” held at IIM Bangalore in January 2012.

This conference was an honest endeavor towards and itself an example of inclusive participation. It was indeed a great learning experience for me and left me with many questions, the answers to which I am trying to find in the daily narratives that surround me. I shall post about it in my upcoming blog on Education and Storytelling.

I am posting the link to their journal, I also had the opportunity to make a tiny contribution to the same.



A recent article on the consequences due to lack of inclusive education:



A Wishful note on ‘Design School Experience’

Shared the following note for the event called ” Designing Better Designers”  held in New Delhi on 25/2/2012 at British Council, wherein Design students and professionals were encouraged to share notes on how they wish their Design Education could have been better, and if selected they would get an opportunity to present it to Design Educators. I shared mine as well and apparently it was selected as a Runner Up. Since I could not go to Delhi for the same, I am sharing it here . Any feedback is more than welcome.

Wishful Note- Poornima Sardana





I shall empower Them,

Them who desire MY intervention in all its honesty,

For I was born with the privilege to assume,

My vision, the one I had borrowed ,  in totality it could see;

I shall take whatever is Theirs, move Them and place Them as I wish to,

For they do not know my rationale, which is unquestionably true,

Not satisfied with my greatness alone, I shall convince others to do the same,

I’ll hire balladeers who shall sing in My praise (I’ll call it the empowerment of folk traditions), the consequences unbeknownst, books shall carry My Name;

If only I could stop and ask Myself, who am I to decide,

If only I could know lots more before every foolish stride…

“Perhaps the most important advantage of ‘useless’ knowledge is that it promotes a contemplative habit of mind. There is in the world too much readiness, not only for action without adequate previous reflection, but also for some sort of action on occasions on which wisdom would counsel inaction.”- Bertrand Russell (‘Useless’ Knowledge)



Poster made on Kite Festival

This poster was made to raise awareness against the threat to birds caused by Manjha during the Kite festival.

I juxtaposed it with the following lines on facebook:

“As the Manjha goes higher, birds fall down;
On this Kite Festival, lets not make our winged friends frown…”


poster made to raise awareness towards danger for birds on Kite Festival- for Jivdaya Charitable Trust