I shall empower Them,

Them who desire MY intervention in all its honesty,

For I was born with the privilege to assume,

My vision, the one I had borrowed ,  in totality it could see;

I shall take whatever is Theirs, move Them and place Them as I wish to,

For they do not know my rationale, which is unquestionably true,

Not satisfied with my greatness alone, I shall convince others to do the same,

I’ll hire balladeers who shall sing in My praise (I’ll call it the empowerment of folk traditions), the consequences unbeknownst, books shall carry My Name;

If only I could stop and ask Myself, who am I to decide,

If only I could know lots more before every foolish stride…

“Perhaps the most important advantage of ‘useless’ knowledge is that it promotes a contemplative habit of mind. There is in the world too much readiness, not only for action without adequate previous reflection, but also for some sort of action on occasions on which wisdom would counsel inaction.”- Bertrand Russell (‘Useless’ Knowledge)



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