Joy of Listening, Joy of being the audience

I spent half an hour today listening to a jovial Parsi lady in the office, and was amazed at how she could connect one event with another. We started our conversation (where I was the audience) from the store at NID, to School of architecture’s Garba, and ended at her preference of Jacuzzi Bath and how she wishes she could own a grand bathroom in a humble setting.

In late evening I got to learn about taking care of dogs from the elderly Gija Ba and of course Mr. Altaf.

These are  precious storytellers who do not need to learn  techniques, they are born with the art and have nurtured it.


Also I witnessed the Gujarati version of the following footage from “Madagascar” today in Paldi, Ahmedabad.

Granny played by Gija Ba (Granny yet again) and Alex by a huge dog Haara who shamelessly bullies the others while demanding his ears to be scratched. Gija Ba came exactly like granny here and without any inhibitions slapped Haara as many times as she could (of course lovingly and not so violently) while fiercely admonishing him for bullying others. (Gija Ba was also carrying a bag 🙂 )Later she told me she was a teacher in her younger years and invited me over to her place.


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