No Shave, No Lipstick, What Nonsense!

The front page of the newspaper today created such upheavals with the sheer gravity of news it carried! It gave its  audience vital inputs on the crucial  movement called No Shave No Lipstick Movement, which asserts in its self assumed voice of women that if men don’t groom themselves by of course using “Gillette Fusion which is three times better than Mach 3” then women threaten to not use, Oh I dare not even think of such omens, but yes, if they don’t then, Heavens shall curse, for women will stop using …LIPSTICK! OH MY GOD!!!

So they say that men shaving off their stubble is directly proportional to women grooming themselves. This means that both genders should now try to live up to the crafted images of themselves which the opposite genders have been sold and made to believe in and accept as real, magical realism at its best must say.

Kyun  Bhai? ?

Such fine exemplification of unnecessarily attempting at stereotyping an image, creating newer attributes to sell products, and in this entire process, trying to create homogenized perceptions of beauty, tch tch, as if they have nothing better to do in their life.

What was most amusing was a quote from a relatively well known lady suggesting that she cannot trust men with stubble. Wow! That’s like stuff taught in orthodox schools about “Ganda AAdmi! Ganda Log!” (in an accent of course)

In doing so they tried to create an illusion that look woman! power! control! dammit they have been able to sell two images in one go! Cosmetic Brands, please thank Gillette. Because well groomed women who can make a (lame) choice on whom to trust use lipsticks, and well groomed men who date strong headed (ahem) women with Lipsticks are clean shaven.

And you know they also did a survey! You see we love quantifying stuff, numbers sell. So 79% women always prefer to accompany a clean shaven man to party!!!

Goodness what revelation, what life saving characteristics! We must thank them for such brilliant discovery! We shall forever be indebted because 79% of 150 women, only in metros (they mentioned in a tiny font) surveyed i.e. 118 women said so and this must be believed in and bought by others too. I am just posting some links about India’s women population and demographics if of any interest that is. Does reveal the vast scale such absurd comments are made on.



I pray that people think more before the absolute trash they generate!


9 thoughts on “No Shave, No Lipstick, What Nonsense!

  1. Companies increasingly need to gain eyeballs as the there is a deluge of information for consumers. Celebrities tend to achieve that irrespective of triviality of the content. Hence such campaigns tend to break out……if you paid attention, objective is met irrespective of whether it made sense or not. Nonetheless good blog. Cheers

  2. what stupidity???? men, with stubble/ beards… men were made that way… of course, they need to be groomed in the best of occassions, yet, if they know how to carry it off, sure it doesn’t matter. We will have more men in the world if women too don’t shave… else, if shaving or going to the parlour is such a time consuming/ lazy affair, why circulate a news comparing women’s ‘no shaving'(whatever) to men shaving or not… I guess the guys/ gals who got out this movement are getting incredulous, by the minute!!!!

  3. well ..men ARE attractive with stubble for example –Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp,George Clooney, Colin Farrell, David Beckham, Will Smith and my favorite MY BOYFRIEND 😀 who was actually happy the other day when he asked me whether i would mind if he would kiss me with a stubble beard and i said i wouldn’t 🙂

  4. Even a stubble can be groomed..What matters is the discipline of maintaining one’s won self…and that’s what even women must follow – it’s not the lipstick, it’s the elegance you carry with grace!

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