Teachers’ Day Special

I cannot imagine a world without teachers. My mother taught me how to hold a pencil, my father taught me how to draw, my grandmother taught me the importance of eating butter and my brother the joy of sheer love.

Though I have a million instances to narrate, I can never forget the day when my English teacher at school, Ms. Manju Sharma, called me aside and asked me to speak out, to express. I started with answering her questions in class and gathered courage to speak in the morning assemblies. Every time I would speak on the stage, even if it was a mere line or two, she would by default come and congratulate me for that, motivate me for the next time. For me, she was an epitome of divine goodness in times of low confidence and inhibitions.

I wonder if she would have ever imagined me as part of something like this:



I consider myself lucky, for at every stage I have been blessed with the most encouraging, understanding and loving mentors, and that is all what a person needs to keep moving ahead, to keep trying and to not quit: Positive energy!

I am always inspired by the following Ted Talk: If only I can be worthy enough to be a teacher someday:



A humble doodle:





One thought on “Teachers’ Day Special

  1. Every one of us needs guidance, and if our teachers can become our true guides, we can never be down, we can never be low!
    And you are right in saying that what a person needs to move forward is positive energy, which a mentor gives him/her by motivating him…..throughout his/her journey.

    Nice post….and Happy Teachers Day!

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