A little art from the heart

The Young India Fellowship allowed me yet another opportunity to revisit myself. During the module on Art Appreciation we made three art works, two were acrylic on canvas, and the third was with oil pastels on sheet.

Having been born clumsy and grown clumsier, skills do haunt me now and then, however I allowed myself to feel free and just express honestly.  Am sharing two of those art works (I forgot to click photographs of the first one )

Peacock Blues (Oil Pastels)

The above artwork was made in a period of 1.5 hours. I realized that oil pastels are an amazing medium (what was I doing until now?) and I must most certainly work more with them. I goofed up below the neck and above the tail wherein the mixing did not come out well. Well the way oil pastels blend is sheer joy.

Nostalgia (Acrylic on Canvas)

While painting Nostalgia, I was thinking of my brother and could not help but draw the scooter , reminiscent of the memorable scooter rides I have had with him. Somehow it seems to signify a certain freedom that I crave for once again. I tried to experiment with the texture of the canvas and dry brush because I wanted some translucency while still keeping it a silhouette.

I also made a bookmark for a friend on her birthday. Though it did not exactly turn out as I had wanted it to, and I felt thoroughly embarrassed after gifting it to my friend,  I still had fun while making it.

A slightly deformed bookmark
Bookmark hanging in book

Shall be updating with the photograph of the first artwork soon.


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