The Other

There is this certain invisible “Other” who haunts the minds of many if not all, the other who keeps a check on them and is watching every move, waiting to pounce on them for any mistake which the “other” might not like or approve of.

This mistake could be anything, from how you dress to your unwaxed arms to the delay in your son’s marriage to the amount of money spent on your daughter’s wedding to what shoes you wear on jogging to the company you keep to the profession you take up and so on. The “other” seems to be so keenly interested in just every facet of your mundane life and bring it to such esteemed significance that you choose to spend innumerable hours on avoiding or rectifying your mistakes less you invite the wrath of the “other”. How dare you not use the new cutlery in the party, now what would the “other” think of this sin!

Who knows what bad luck this evil deed of yours might cause! You know, perhaps it is this very “other” who causes women to sleep in extremely uncomfortable saris with atrocious bling in the soap operas, or maybe it is indeed the “other” which causes half of us wannabe smokers to place a cigarette between our lips or red paint on them for that matter, woh saare “others” laga rahe thhe na, to maine bhi socha ki …

So engrossed are we in pacifying this “other” that we stop pacifying our own selves and fail to realize when we ourselves become that demonic “other” in someone else’s life…


Watch the following video for a soap opera tangible manifestation of that “Other”


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