What next

So, now we need Vaginal creams and gels, as if the plasticity of the face and the anorexic figures weren’t enough.  First we were blessed with a cream that would make your Vagina fair! wow, lovely! and now there is a gel that would tighten it to give you the experience of being “18 again”. How juvenile!

Umm honestly, who would want that experience again? Men!!! you are supposed to entice men, who would otherwise lose interest in you, go philandering around and hunt for other women once bored of you! It is your duty to tighten the grip, hence tighten the Vagina, hold on to the animalistic instinct!

Arrey bas bhi karo yaar…

I admire our openness to accepting sexuality (finally) as human (applause), but that does not mean that we create unnecessary myths around it. Their facebook page says “18 Again is a product that addresses intimate feminine concerns of women.” I have concerns, I am forced to keep them intimate, the fairness and grip of my vagina are definitely not among those.

They also give you tips:

“Happy Monday, Ladies!

Follow our quick tip for today as we continue speaking about how to keep your vagina healthy this week –

‘Minimize your sugar intake and maximize your yogurt intake.'”

And to be honest, many insecure women will actually believe a lot of trash they have to offer, most of them would want to buy it as well, ab bech rahe hain to kucch to fayeda hota hi hoga and so on. Yaar fir to sath mein issko bhi becho:

Ek ke sath ek free kar do.

This seems like a slightly more liberal branching out of the mystery surrounding sexuality:

Condom ke advertisement mein to tota ayega aur tightening gel ke liye stereotypical khoobsurat ambassadors :

I think high time we get over all this nonsense!

A few useful steps (I hope) :




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