A review of an Mp3 Player

For my days were incomplete without a personalized source of music.

For bus trips seemed longer and washing utensils a wastage of time.

For I am clumsier than most people I know.

For I prefer to have my own space by putting the headphones on.

A few weeks ago I purchased an Mp3 Player. I wanted something within my budget, and something that would solve my biggest problem, I keep dropping gadgets and end up breaking them. Only recently did I get my Laptop repaired and was hence in no mood to invest a lot in a fancy gadget. Also I use Metro quite often and let alone gadgets, I broke my shoes while being pushed around by the MILD crowd.

I travel a lot and without music, I am unable to enjoy the imagery. I like to create my own   comfort zone by withdrawing myself from the many sounds when they turn into noise. Now my mother would definitely argue that the headphones themselves are noise and might have disastrous effects for my ears, but some habits are hard to let go of.

In fact I find it difficult to work, or draw, or write without it. I often manage by keeping my laptop on, serving merely as a gigantic Mp3 Player.

Another problem that I would often face is in charging gadgets or the many wires to be taken care of. I would forget to carry those around.

My demands therefore were simple: Robust, Not very expensive, Easy to use/connect, Not too ugly to look at.

And then I found this:

Image Courtesy ebay.in

It cost me Rs.1600, which was within the budget I had set aside for the same. It connects to the USB port and I don’t need extra wires for charging.

It is easy to use. One can move to next or last by pressing on the respective sides identified by a single dot for going back and two dots for moving ahead on theother side, which being raised can be felt during darkness.

The lower portion of the two sides are used for volume.

The white round button in the center is used for on/off, pause as well as shuffle by varying the number of as well as duration of click.

Yes you cannot see what song is going to play, but I enjoy the uncertainty.

But now the best part, it is indeed made for clumsy people like me:

Image Courtesy ebay.in

It can be easily attached and hence your hands are free! This eliminates chances of it falling repeatedly as well as allows you to travel comfortably, especially in Metro. I like to keep the headphones on and in case I need to speak to anyone I can conveniently pause and resume from the same song without having had to put in much effort. This is massive relief for me.

However one thing that does bother me is the fact that low battery indication comes at the end moment (green light changes) and I am not prepared. By now I have figured out the approximate time for which it works after full charging and therefore recharge the same in time. But a better indicator would have made me even more pleased.


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