An ode to Design: Stamped

Stamped: Concept Note

What I understand of Stamps is that they are fragments of the narrative of a particular time period, of a particular context (social, political, religious, and cultural).

So either I could make stamps out of a narrative or a narrative out of stamps, stamps of artworks or an artwork of stamps. I felt that the sheet let in which stamps are generally available is quite symbolic of this aspect especially the souvenir sheets, where the stamp or stamps are a part of the entire visual narrative. This helped me finalize on the particular method of representation where the Stamps (visually) emerge out of a wider context.

Next, I had to choose the context as to what would be my visual content. I thought that being a designer I felt despair at two levels:

1. There are no postage stamps dedicated to design

2. Professionally dedicated Designers, Design Students, Design schools are not involved in the process or encouraged for doing so.

Therefore I decided to keep Design and that too Design in everyday life as my concept because at times we take some great inventions simply for granted. However I am no authority on calling some design great over another and universalize it. Taking a little liberty since it is my personal expression after understanding Postage Stamps, I thought that I would represent some of the remarkable inventions I used that day.


One detailed interview from the research is here: https://poornimasardana.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/a-visit-to-the-indian-stamp-company-philately-delight-in-meerut/

Poornima Sardana. Young India Fellowship 2012-2013


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