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Reflections on Kai Po Che

This is not a review; these are just my humble (and personal) reflections on the several meta-narratives of “Kai Po Che”.  Watching this movie was a nostalgic experience for me, as I could relate its many instances with my lived … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Effect

This one’s for Sibi  (There are some moments when the universe acknowledges and approves of your thoughts, your words and stories. They seem too beautiful to be real, and too rare to ever be forgotten. I had one such experience … Continue reading

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Of Race and रेस – On my way to buy the Alarm Clock

I stepped out of my Room into the Wilderness of Civilisation. जिसके  बीचोंबीच  थी   चालू  आपकी  और  हमारी  भागमभाग . एक  ऐसी  रेस  जिसमें  हैं  खिलाडी  अनेक , अजी  एक  से  बढ़कर  एक . कोई  भागे  इधर , तो … Continue reading

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The Terrace and I: a surprise visitor

I saw a lone fox dancing in the moonlight…said Ruskin Bond…well I did meet a lone dog frolicking in the moonlight, not on the road but on our terrace A little background though: I share a special bond with the … Continue reading

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