The Terrace and I: a surprise visitor

I saw a lone fox dancing in the moonlight…said Ruskin Bond…well I did meet a lone dog frolicking in the moonlight, not on the road but on our terrace

A little background though:

I share a special bond with the terrace of our building back home. No matter how the world around chooses to change, evolve or reconstruct, our terrace remains the same. It makes me feel secure, and gives me false hope that some moments are never lost, that some experiences can be relived, and some relationships are unchangeable…

Undoubtedly in my current phase of dilemmas and conflicting thoughts, I chose to be on the terrace at night. The beauty of a terrace can only be felt at night, when hopefully you are the only human wanting to take a stroll in late hours, when you are the only human experiencing that special space in between the ground and the sky, the place where the moon appears larger and the stars closer, where the sky is the embalming mentor you go back to each time you are confused, dismayed or broken. I like to believe that the breeze blows differently at the time I enter the terrace, which is almost like entering my own mind and exploring the universe inside

So as I took a stroll tonight, I waded though thoughts and was returning with a clearer sight, well almost literally a clearer sight, for in the darkness I spotted a being on four legs and with a tail. I stopped, excited, wondering if it were a fox, but it turned out to be an agile young dog, thin enough to hide anywhere, but he dared to come up to the terrace and walk. I whistled at him, just to ensure whether all this was real. It seemed to be real. He came towards me stealthily, its tail in between its legs, unsure of human nature. I sat down and stretched my arm. It licked my fingers, came closer and licked my face. I squeezed it gently in an embrace.

For a moment, reality was even more beautiful than the most surreal dreams. It followed me back and I treated it to a bun, and saw the dog hopping away with joy…or was it dancing…in the moonlight…


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