Of Race and रेस – On my way to buy the Alarm Clock

I stepped out of my Room into the Wilderness of Civilisation.

जिसके  बीचोंबीच  थी   चालू  आपकी  और  हमारी  भागमभाग . एक  ऐसी  रेस  जिसमें  हैं  खिलाडी  अनेक , अजी  एक  से  बढ़कर  एक . कोई  भागे  इधर , तो  कोई  उधर , न  जाने  कोई  की  जाना  है  किधर , बस  चल  पड़ो , अपने  जैसों  की  भीड़  दिखाई  दे  जिधर .

The dog with the broken legs howled in dismay, while the one with the skin disease looked at me from the corner of his eye. Ears risen in attention, he mounted himself like a Sphinx on that wall of concrete, his disposition expressing his premonitions of the unbeknownst.


Another polythene bag convulsive with a house’s waste, landed on the road, what is inside the house is ours, and the rest, is outside the window.

खिड़की  के  बाहर  तो  है  खुला  आसमान , हाँ  जी  खुला  आसमान , जिसमें  पंछिओं  के  संग , लहलहाता  चलेगा , हमारा  polythene bag, देखना  तुम , बादलों  के  भी  पार  जायेगा  हमारा  यह  polythene bag!

I took a lane which was until then a strange path, to be acquainted underneath the stars is a friendship that lasts. I thought I heard faint music. The sound from the headphones ceased to exist.

सहमी  सी  ठंडक  थी , जिसमें  सड़क  किनारे  बैठा  वो  kafila, तेज  की  रौशनी  में  हाथ  सेंकते  गीत, ठहाकों  की  गूँज  में  पकता  खाना , सुबह  एक  नए  रास्ते  पर  चलना  होगा . एक  लडखडाता  घोडा , जैसे  कुछ  कहना  हो , रुक  गया , नटखट  बकरी  खेले  आंख मिचोली  , उछलकूद  से  सबका  मन  बहलाती  , मानों  वहां  धुल  में  लिपटी  हवा  नहीं   , हरियाली  से  महकता  कोई  बगीचा  हो . दूसरी  ओर  एक  motorcycle वाले  साहिब  अपनी  गलती  न  कबूल  करते  हुए , cycle सवार  बच्चे  को  डांट रहे  थे  , दरअसल  दोनों  ही  बहुत   जल्दी  में  थे .

Recklessness hardly travels alone; it enjoys the company of agitation and flawed perceptions. Their dispute leading to nowhere, they both left, to somewhere, leaving behind them a trail of angry fumes which rose up into the sky and formed a dark gray cloud against the ink blue. The smoke emanating from far and beyond made the cloud grow dense and tempestuous.

गुस्सैल  बादल  गुर्राया , बेचैन  हवा  डर  से  थरथरायी , चन्द्रमा  ने  मुस्कुरा  कर  कहा , यह  तो  रोज़  की  है  कहानी , सुनाती  होंगी  तुमको  भी  नानी , खैर  अब  तुम  मुंह  ढक  कर  सो  जाओ , सुबह  शायद  कुछ   नया  हो , कुछ  बहतर हो .  बस  तुम  आँखें  मूँद  सो  जाओ . सपनों  की  दुनिया  में  इस  भयावने  सच  को  तुम  सब  भूल  जायो .

Dreams, an escape into the lands of wonderment and waters of magical fantasies, it allured me through the sweet pain in my feet, but I was not without a purpose. I wanted to buy an Alarm Clock, It being the most vital instrument to ensure one’s existence as a participant in the race. If you don’t even reach on time, you will never finish on time.

“Time ?

Time is not running my friend; it is you who are competing with it in a race that was never meant to be.” said the big fat cat.


“Oh how outlandish a remark, it is absolutely unacceptable!” the coy kitten retorted.

“Acceptance has but many a followers, in its temples are pilgrims from all religions and strata, across boundaries, surveys and data.” The big fat cat wears the thinker’s hat.

घड़ियाल  चाहिए ? वो  तो  बस  chowk पे  ही  मिलेगा , वहां  उसीकी  पूरी  दूकान  है . कैसा  घड़ियाल  चाहिए ? छोटा , बड़ा , की  बहुत   बड़ा ? मेरे  पास  तो  gift item वाला  है . देखो  heart shape का , सुन्दर  भी  है  और  अन्दर  cartoon बना  है . इसमें  सुनो  अलारम  भी  बजता  है . क्या ? ये  सुनाई  नहीं  देता ? अरे  इससे   कितना  तेज़  चाहती  हो ?

भाईसाहिब  हमें  तो   ऐसा  घड़ियाल  चाहिए  की  सोते  समाज  की  भी  रूह   जग  जाये .

तो  फिर  तो  आप  वहीँ  चौक  पर  जाइये , जी  हाँ , वहीँ  मिलेगी  आपको  एक  से  बढकर  एक  अलार्रम  clock.

To raise an alarm was never their task, but they do so more than to report. Alas! To do the same for all not one causes us to ignore. The news on Television yells and groans, in a world of homogenised paranoia, it lives in the fear of monotones.

I took a longer route on the way back, to catch a glimpse, of that mischievous group of elderly men, who sit outside the temple, every evening, on their favourite bench. Having gained objectivity with experience and age, they watched their past perform as the others ran across the road. In races, they too had once been a part of.

A walk to reflect

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