The Butterfly Effect

This one’s for Sibi 

(There are some moments when the universe acknowledges and approves of your thoughts, your words and stories. They seem too beautiful to be real, and too rare to ever be forgotten.

I had one such experience  during an animated discussion with Sibi, my friend from Tata Jagriti Yatra. Having experienced a newness in life through a journey both external and internal, we spoke of our diminishing desire to use a celphone or ipod.

The sounds that we heard and the life that we witnessed through the train’s window, were a realization of existence beyond isolation and an actuality that wasn’t controlled by man.

Mesmerised by the beauty and freshness of this way of seeing, our thoughts were sanctified by the sudden appearance of a butterfly, who rested on Sibi’s arm and assured him of his newfound trail of dreams.)

He sat on the window seat,

Dreamy eyed, yet upbeat;

We spoke of music and the sounds of the night,

Freedom in a train, we had had visions of flight;

A shared experience of life,

A realization of us as one with nature,

He spoke, the shy storyteller,

Of dreams’ new found stature;

And as he spoke with exuberance galore,

Flew in a butterfly, and sat  as if sure,

That her company would be cherished and be memorable indeed,

That her presence would linger as experiences proceed…




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