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The upside-down box

Walking on the road, I came across an open carton. Brown in color, it was lying upside down. Passers by could not have cared less, but I was much intrigued.

An upside down box, holds but too many possibilities.

There could be rats, and bats and cats,
shoes, or lace or hats!

There could be mangoes, cherries and lychees too,
may be a bunch of bananas, an apple or two;

Therefore, when I could resist no longer, and my curiosity got the better of me, I kicked it softly. This was to keep a safe distance lest it hid racoons, or lions, or who knows, an army of baboons?

Anything, anything can be hidden by a box my friend.

And there they were, dark brown and with a beautiful yellow streak, half a dozen muffins, or slightly more.

I wondered why the dogs had not figured it out. And as if thoughts are louder than the spoken word, and as if, dogs and I share a special bond, came running for treat dogs of colors black and white, some being short, some with commendable height.

Some feasted, some watched, some shared the find, they disappeared in minutes, only the carton left behind.

I went up to it and turned it upside down, who knows what appears next, an elephant or clown?