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Daily Musings

For a few months, I had been writing daily posts on facebook based on what I experienced each day. On looking back at it, I cannot really think of a sole purpose for doing so. On one level it was … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Turning Twenty-Five

There would be excitement in the air, an upcoming birthday. My mother would carefully select a dress and pair it with new shoes, ribbons and accessories. She would arrange an ensemble for school and one for the evening party. A … Continue reading

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acknowledging bias

At times my indulgence in critique surprises me. So does my self assumed endeavour in understanding and being aware of things around me. Why do I want to necessarily find a meaning in what I am seeing, why do I … Continue reading

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Internet and my History – a part fictional account of the reality of internet space in everyday life

Remember those chatroom days? I very clearly do, it wasn’t very long ago, we were in school and would plan when to go to a neighbourhood cyber cafe. Yes, those were special occasions, and you went with special company. My … Continue reading

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Comics Love- experience with the World Comics Organization

I love Comics, I think everyone should. I love the medium and wish to experiment with its form and functionality. Having graduated from my fellowship in Science and Liberal Arts, I had some time before I started with quantified and … Continue reading

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