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The Pizza Delivery Boy

We ordered a family-size Pizza last night, and the man delivering it got a little late. Even before he reached, I was certain there would be some form of discount for delay in service. There was.

But as I paid him, a man who appeared tired, and he politely thanked and left, I wondered what sort of a human being I have become.

1. I ignored his misery when celebrating my discount. He is an employee who delivers pizzas, battles the crazy traffic, figures out the route and delivers your food, because you seem to have less time to either cook, or go outside and eat. For valuing your minutes, he risks his own minutes at times. But all I thought of at that moment, was my discount, not his discomfort.

2. What’s the big deal with thirty minutes? So what if he was twenty minutes late, or more? It is natural isn’t it, in the mad traffic out there? Why do I need to assert a special right over time? Because an advertisement told me to? Since when did I start getting so impatient over service? Because it is the trend? Everything has to be quick and mechanical? I surprise myself with my newer demands, these are alien demands, frankly I couldn’t have cared less, but very recently I know I have adopted some demands.

3. What if this was the third or fourth time, this man got late by some minutes, and now he might have to deal with repercussions, there must be some policy for it for sure. Thats too bad eh! For saving some bucks of mine, I make him suffer. I did not feel that money hurt when I was placing the order right, so how do ten minutes delay start increasing the value of that money? That sudden greed and excitement which I felt, I am now finding embarrassing.

4. At least I was polite with him, I know that someone who is even more lost than I am, might have also yelled at him. In the recent past, I have been mean too with some people offering some service, and when I later apologised to them, I felt way better than I did when I was yelling.


He is young, he too must have aspirations, dreams, I am sure he did not take this job from a wide variety of choice. I am not asking to sympathise for this, but empathise, someone working hard, in a job you probably would never do, and then being human made a small error, which actually is not even an error, its just a normal thing in the kind of vehicular acrobatics that we witness on roads, especially during rains, and we suddenly want a discount for the ten extra minutes we were lazying, watching TV, gossiping…


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