personal narratives

Warm Deeds- Daily Musing

I was humbly moved today, by the actions of a man and two dogs.

Having volunteered as a school tour guide at the National Museum, Delhi, I was attending their Orientation Programme. While taking rounds of the museum and listening to an excited volunteer guide sharing information about various objects, their contexts and stories, I suddenly felt sick.

By the time I left for home, I was in immense pain and was finding it difficult to walk. I thought I would faint. I threw up and could feel the sweat on my face. I panicked.  With great difficulty I asked the auto rickshaw drivers- who had been waiting outside- to take me home, none agreed. It was too far. I could feel the sickness in my mouth, but managed to hail another rickshaw. The driver stopped and before I could say where I wanted to go, he asked me to sit and said he would go, wherever.

He dropped me home, he drove fast with a sense of urgency, I was grateful to him. When we reached, I asked him where he stayed. He told me it was the opposite end of Delhi. I was surprised, why he came to drop me here then, he said he had to, others would not have, and I had looked unwell.

I turned to go towards the house, only to realize that it was locked. In my haste I had forgotten to inform of my time of return. I lacked the willpower to climb three floors and go to my neighbours’ house. So I just sat on the ground. I was immediately joined by two dogs who stay near our house, are often fed by us and play with me every day. They sat next to me, as if in solidarity. When I moved to a shaded bench, they followed and slept next to me. I felt humbled by their sweet gesture, at times, when you feel horrible, it is nice to have company of friends.


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