Thought Trail- Tanjore Paintings to canvas of the mother’s mind

I had received a portfolio of Tanjore/Thanjavur Paintings, and chose to read the text provided along with it.

It mentions how Lord Krishna who is one of the most favored images by the painters seems to not grow on the canvas despite the context. To read from source:


So be it Krishna stealing butter or with his consorts, he is depicted as an innocent child in most renderings of the artists’ imagination.

Though not directly linked with this, my trail of thought took me to another reality of our society:

No matter what the context, Indian mothers’ sons seem to not grow on their mental canvas!

So whether their sons are stubborn spoilt brats who start howling for every new video-game, or they are bullies in school, they appear to their mothers to be just that- naive sweet child of theirs, their baby-boy.

Whether your son is a goon or not, whether your son respects women or not, whether your son takes care of his children or not, he stays for you that little boy of yours.

There is no one with a fixed personality or identity, people change, they evolve , they regress – whatever be the case, just as artists could correspond to context, so should our minds in our perception of those we love unconditionally.



By the way, why is unconditional love celebrated so much?





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