new blog

Well, for time being I am in foreign land and I felt that it is a fair enough excuse to have a separate blog for stories with a newer lens perhaps 🙂

Check out my latest posts here: https://mixedpakodastalesfromamreeka.wordpress.com/


One thought on “new blog

  1. Hi Poornima,
    We are students at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. We’re organising an event in Delhi in the coming few months nvolving talks by people from various fields and are in the process of acquiring a TEDx licence.
    We would really like it if the story of the Kathputli colony artists is shared through this platform and were wondering if you could be a part of this initiative and help us in doing so.
    Please do get back in touch with us!

    Divya Chand 09953093884 (divya25ac@yahoo.com)
    Ayush Kamalia 8287470102 (ayushkamalia@gmail.com)

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