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I want to be like the Deodars

I want to be like the Deodar when I grow up.

Standing tall above the sounds and smoke,

amidst the clouds and tales of hope.

Holding the earth and all that creates,

reigning over the hills and hearts.

The Tall Deodars…I want to grow up to be like those.



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सुना है बम फटा है

सुना है
बम फटा है
दूसरे मुल्क में
अफगानी काबुल में

चलो हम तो बचे हुए हैं

और वो तो हम नहीं
जो रहते हैं काबुल में

रात के आसमान में तारे ढूँढ़ते हुए
एक ख्याल आ मिला
याद आयी वह तस्वीर मेरे दोस्त की
जिसने दिखलाया था बामियान का आसमान
काबुल के ही पास
तारों की चादर है उनकी रात
आज भी, अभी भी
वो भी यूँ ही तारों में ढूँढ़ते होंगे कल की सुबह
वहां, उनके अफ़ग़ानिस्तान में
वो भी चाहते होंगे कि बच्चे खिलखिलाकर हंसें
कि रात को रोटी मिले और जश्न में संगीत
कि जब सुबह हो, तो ज़िन्दगी फिर चल पड़े

तो क्या फिर काबुल में हम नहीं?
उसी आसमानी चादर के नीचे मैं भी हूँ, तुम भी हो, और वो भी हैं
क्या फिर भी …हम काबुल में नहीं?





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Musings from Madhur Vihar

In front of the board that says “Please Don’t Feed The Dog”, the dogs of Madhur Vihar are uniting against a lone cow. They have been hungry for days but it has not dampened the will to fight for their territory. “Go Away! This is our home!”, they seem to be shouting in unison. They are clearly unaware of their own minority status in this neighborhood, and the cow too seems to be oblivious of her revered status in the nation. The dogs are tiring out, and the cow has decided to turn and go back to the garbage dump where it has been left by its owner to find some food. The upholders of the respective status of the above mentioned animals are currently busy taking a nap or watching news with ego-maniacs as anchors, their anger interspersed with advertisements of a very happy generation. “You wan’t to get angry, here I’ll break a mug!” says a loving cosmopolitan husband to his wife who seems to be tired of her luxuries…I am wondering how to sneak in the dogs to feed them, and am sorry for the cow who is not alone in facing double standards. Meanwhile the crows have been spared, and my crow friend has just picked up the egg shell I left for it on the stone slab.