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I want to be like the Deodars

I want to be like the Deodar when I grow up.

Standing tall above the sounds and smoke,

amidst the clouds and tales of hope.

Holding the earth and all that creates,

reigning over the hills and hearts.

The Tall Deodars…I want to grow up to be like those.



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For a moment

I felt you in my hands again

But you slipped away

like the wind, like the sand, like water

For a moment, when I heard your voice again

I felt as if I heard silence after all these years of noise

As if I was listening to the real me, reflected in your calming self

For a moment when I felt you close again

I felt a surge of happiness which I had forgotten to exist

I felt an excitement too hard to resist

And then you slipped away

You ask me to stop, to breathe, you are my breath, you have always been

And now you slip away

You for me are time, do not stop, be there with my steps, be there in every rhyme

Peacock Blues: Poornima Sardana
Peacock Blues: Poornima Sardana