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I want to be like the Deodars

I want to be like the Deodar when I grow up. Standing tall above the sounds and smoke, amidst the clouds and tales of hope. Holding the earth and all that creates, reigning over the hills and hearts. The Tall … Continue reading

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सुना है बम फटा है

सुना है बम फटा है दूसरे मुल्क में अफगानी काबुल में चलो हम तो बचे हुए हैं और वो तो हम नहीं वो जो रहते हैं काबुल में रात के आसमान में तारे ढूँढ़ते हुए एक ख्याल आ मिला याद … Continue reading

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Amma and I (Fiction: Short Story)

On the second shelf in the kitchen are two mugs- orange and yellow. Amma and I bought these together from the neighborhood market some months ago; she wanted to spend time with me over chai. I have been living with … Continue reading

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To Rise Above the Sludge

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A Tourist in My Nation: The Missing Swaraj – Term paper, Gandhi’s Critique of Modernity

This post consists of snippets from a Term Paper written during the module on Gandhi’s Critique of Modernity at the Young India Fellowship 2012-2013. This paper was written under guidance of Prof. Vivek Bhandari. I used this opportunity to critique … Continue reading

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Getting to know “me” – body image

There is a certain ‘me’ that I have never been one with, the ‘me’ that is my body, the ‘me’ that is my physique, my skin, my hair. I have always looked at this bit of ‘me’ borrowing the gaze … Continue reading

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Meerut Post 2: Meerut Ki kainchiyan! (Scissors)

If you haven’t used a scissor made in Meerut, you have missed out on an excellent cutting experience my friend. Its only when I moved out of Meerut for my Graduation, that I learnt of Meerut’s Scissors. I gifted one … Continue reading

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