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सुना है बम फटा है

सुना है बम फटा है दूसरे मुल्क में अफगानी काबुल में चलो हम तो बचे हुए हैं और वो तो हम नहीं वो जो रहते हैं काबुल में रात के आसमान में तारे ढूँढ़ते हुए एक ख्याल आ मिला याद … Continue reading

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Everything but the room on the roof

Unlike my childhood hero Rusty, I never exactly had the room on the roof, I did however move from room to room. Some of them are recalled here: Balcony mein room: It was the funniest setting ever; basically we were … Continue reading

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Counter Trouble- Create Art

So what do you do when you feel that the world has come to an end? What do you do when you delve in self-pity and misery, as if there is no tomorrow? You remind yourself of the many stories … Continue reading

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Fun Books

I cannot imagine my childhood without books. I was fortunate enough to have been surrounded by a wide variety, ranging from classics to comics, from illustrated children’s books to thick books with text in english and hindi. But this post … Continue reading

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The upside-down box

Walking on the road, I came across an open carton. Brown in color, it was lying upside down. Passers by could not have cared less, but I was much intrigued. An upside down box, holds but too many possibilities. There … Continue reading

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Reflections on Kai Po Che

This is not a review; these are just my humble (and personal) reflections on the several meta-narratives of “Kai Po Che”.  Watching this movie was a nostalgic experience for me, as I could relate its many instances with my lived … Continue reading

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