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The quest between the I and the Accep/expec-ted

Hierarchy of beliefs? (Picture taken at T3, Delhi, Poornima Sardana)

We face a constant dilemma: Is it about me or should I think like WE ought to?
The haunting uncertainty that many of us deal with, is but, an obvious consequence.
Most of us grew up watching our parents indulge and (at times) even revel in sacrifices for the sake of family, society, their contexts. As we explored, we realized that we had the liberty and right to ask, to question, to reason, and… to reject. We redefined roles and then …we re-redefined roles.
Traditions vs. Evolution
Faith vs. Individual Perception
Patience vs. Sacrifice
Rules and Rights vs. Relative to Context
Much as I support critical thinking I should not shy away from accepting that it is often manipulated and tweaked to suit different situations and different audiences. Because the sense of security and simplicity that is so deeply rooted and symbolized in “it has always been so/ yahi sahi hai/I warned you earlier” is yet to be substituted with the stability of a conscious will and grit to accept and face the changes we ourselves propel.
The mentor who might encourage his introvert student to travel on her own, could be the fearful father who sends three caretakers with his princess.
The guy who supports his girl for a career, could be the irritable/fatigued husband who would rather have his wife cook than take client’s calls.
The woman who wants to run her company, could be the little girl who needs her man to get her cellphone repaired.
The go-getter who wants to earn more than her husband, might express annoyance over a cheaper wedding gift.
Honestly and unfortunately, in our inability to fit ourselves in one image, we keep oscillating between the images from memory and the images born of reasoning. To gravitate towards fears or to fly in idealism? To pacify others or self? To be objective or egocentric?
I haven’t found an answer, I do not know if there is any.


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